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Tips to Protect Commercial Trucks and Construction Equipment from Theft

Commercial trucks and construction equipments are crucial part of commercial entities. Almost every industry rely on these equipments and trucks to perform their day-to-day business activities. These commercial goods are highly expensive. Thus, they remain main target of thieves.

Theft prevention is the primary concern of every truck owner or the company owner managing a fleet of heavy equipment. These are valuable assets that keep every company functional as without them companies will probably lose their precious working hours or whole contracts even. Here are a few tips helping you keep your vehicles off a thief’s radar.

Weld Company Name onto Chassis

It is a good idea to weld the company name over the construction equipments or on the trailers. This will make your equipment more traceable and thieves wouldn’t be able to to sell that in the after market easily.

GPS Tracking Devices

Most of the companies have GPS tracking devices installed on their trucks and equipments to monitor activity. This is a great idea and act as a valuable tool for trucks and heavy equipments. In order to deter theft, place a sticker on the cab window stating that your truck or equipment has a GPS device to track the activities.

Avoid Taking Up Hitchhikers

This might seem you no-brainer but, many truckers take on hitchhikers to cover fuel costs, have company on the road or just because they seem nice people. You need to realize that they are unknown people and can be potential threat to you and your vehicle.

Avoid Parking in Unlit Lots

Most of the truck stops and gas stations at the highway have rich lighting to deter thieves. If you are stopping somewhere to eat, make sure to park the vehicle at a space giving clear view of your truck. Attended lots offer safety though, you also need to be agile.

Heavy-Duty Kingpin Locks

It is advised to use a heavy-duty kingpin lock to firmly lock the truck to the trailer to obstruct theft. This will not only prevent theft but also help you minimize the accidents on the loading docks.

In case theft happens, file a complaint right away. Also contact the manufacturer who keeps the record of stolen vehicles. They can alert the shops to keep an eye on the equipments coming there for servicing and maintenance. Make sure to manage a file having comprehensive information about every equipment along with its photo and serial numbers. It is crucial to make a claim against your insurance well on time in case of a theft.

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