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We can provide equipment leases and Financing for all makes and models of equipment, across almost every industry, for businesses of almost any size.

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Canada Equipment Loan specializes in providing Loans and Financing for Trucks. Good Credit – Bad

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Trailer loans Canada is Backbone of our Business. We specialize in bad credit score Truck and Traile

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Canada Equipment Loan is the Authority figure in Construction equipment loan Canada. Our Low interes

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Some business requires just simple office set up, but some require specialized equipments which can

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Frequently Asked Questions About Equipment Leasing in Toronto

Finding a reliable company for equipment leasing and truck loan Toronto is a crucial process. Before you make a decision, know the answers to these frequently asked questions.

What is Equipment Leasing?

Equipment leasing is a process in which a company provides financing for new or used equipment to another party. To keep equipment costs down, business owners prefer leasing instead of buying. It preserves cash flow and provides tax advantages. Moreover, it helps business owners to stay abreast with latest equipments and maintain good business credit.

What types of Equipment Can be Leased?

Our professionals have a deep knowledge about businesses from various industries that we work with, and they are always willing to personally answer any queries you may have. Canada Equipment Loan provides financing for various industries including construction, transportation, trucking and more.

What Types of Leases are Available?

We provide truck, trailer and heavy equipment leasing with financing for a wide range of used and new equipments. From construction equipment, bulldozers to trailers, we deal with them all. Our leasing solutions are perfect for young entrepreneurs who wish to enter the business of commercial vehicles. We have professionals who will provide the best solution based on your needs and budget.

How Can I Determine Lease Rates?

Lease rates basically depend on your credit history, cost of the equipment and the term structure you require.

What is the Difference Between Equipment Leasing and Bank Loans?

The approval of a bank loan can take weeks, even if you require the capital right away. Additionally, most bank loans contain lengthy applications and business owners need to provide large down payments and extensive collateral. With equipment leasing and truck loan Toronto, the application is simple, and the business owners can receive equipment without providing a financial statement.

Why Choose Canada Equipment Loan for Equipment Leasing?

The professionals in our team have leasing skills and experience in numerous industries. We get to know our clients and their needs. We will match you with one of our representatives who best understands the unique challenges, operating methods and equipment required for your type of industry. We offer competitive rates and our goal is to provide you the equipment you need quickly in the payment structure you can afford. For Equipment Leasing and Truck Financing Toronto, Canada Equipment Loan is your one-stop-shop.

Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our truck and heavy equipment leasing services in Canada.