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Truck Leasing Canada – Facts You Should Know Before Leasing

As a future truck owner, it is necessary for you to decide if truck leasing Canada is right for you. It is not a matter of making a snap decision. While making decision for leasing you should reasonably  consider a budget and calculations for several years into the future. Our truck leasing Toronto companies deliver excellent services for leasing trucks at affordable prices.

The length of time of lease is imperative. Usually, the more the duration of leasing, lesser will be the price. It is essential to know that a leased vehicle demands strict maintenance and insurance requirements. Your vehicle is expected to have minimal wear and tear at the end of leasing time. We, at truck loan Toronto offer our clients best financing rates which they easily afford.

 How to Choose a truck for leasing?

To rent a truck, there is a need to take into account many facts to make a right choice. Some points you should keep in mind such as:

  • Time for Leasing
    During the peak seasons must book a truck at least a month before you planned to move. Seasons such as during summer months or during the weekends, trucks leasing is highly in demand. This way you can avoid unnecessary delays. Company might get busy and you definitely do not want to wait standing in line.
  • To get Quotes
    Be sure to have several quotes from various truck renting companies in Canada. In order to get the right quote, you should know the size of a truck that will be sufficient for your move. Quotes are discussed in the following topic.
  • Insurance and Contract
    Always be sure in understanding your rental agreement. Also clear any doubts you can ask the rental representative to explain all the details. After proper inspection of insurance policy, go ahead with the purchase. Tented trucks are not covered by driver’s credit card or his/her own auto insurance policy.
  • Testing of your truck

    After the completion of all the paperwork, do not forget to take test drive of your truck for 30-40 minutes. When you test the truck, you need to pay attention to :

    • Any leakage of oils,
    • Good condition of tires,
    • Brakes need to be fully operational,
    • Indicators, windshield wipers, lights, speedometer and odometer are in good condition.
    • Condition of tires and directional signals of the car tow dolly, if you rent one.

However, the requirements for renting a truck are not the same and vary company by company. But it is necessary for all renters to have valid drivers’ licenses. For handicapped renter, they are required to show the proof that the person who will be driving is licensed. Mostly truck rental companies require that driver should be above 21 years old. It is the responsibility of the person who rents the truck in case of any accident or theft. So, many companies allow more than one person to be covered if arranged in advance and/or for extra fees.

Canada Equipment Loan offer excellent financing in Canada including flexible financing. Clients can avail the best financing prices  on all the equipments for renting and leasing.