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Truck Lease Calgary

Buying fleets of trucks in one go might not be an option for you because making such a big initial investment might affect your cash flow negatively. In such cases, leasing a truck allows you to maintain your budget so that your business runs smoothly. At Canada Equipment Loans, we offer lease and financing for heavy construction equipment. We get your Truck loan Calgary approved and ensure that you get a good deal.

If you would rather take trucks on short or long term lease, our heavy equipment financing Calgary service helps you lease out good quality trucks.

Features of our truck lease facility:

At Canada Equipment Loans, we specialize in construction equipment financing Calgary. When you go through our terms and conditions, you find that our financing terms are very clear. We keep the clients requirements in mind whenever we offer equipment out on lease. With our truck lease Calgary service, you can enjoy numerous benefits.

  • All our prices, including the term, the interest rate and the final asking price are as per our rate card. They completely depend on the usage of the equipment, the type of equipment that you lease and the period of lease
  • The payment schedule is mutually agreed and convenient
  • The monthly rentals are designed in such a way that they are lower than the total cost of the equipment. This protects your working capital and maintains your line of credit
  • Any equipment that you borrow on monthly rentals is eligible for tax deductions
  • When you acquire any equipment, you are not required to pay any service charges
  • In case you have any queries about the lease purchase agreement, you can opt for a second opinion
  • You many make upgrades or improvements to the equipment if necessary

We provide continuous maintenance to ensure that the trucks function smoothly.

How do you get a truck on lease?

Getting a truck on lease at Canada Equipment Loan is a simple three-step process.

Once you have chosen the equipment based on your requirements and the job in hand, you need to fill up a credit application form. Ensure that you provide all the right details in this form so that we can provide accurate services.

After you submit the form, we follow up and contact you in 24 hours.

Once the decision is made, you can sign the truck lease equipment.

Advantages of obtaining a lease

Truck leasing is one of the quickest and simplest financing solutions available. This option is especially suitable for those who are running small scale businesses and also private companies. Leasing equipment will help you make profits faster and, subsequently, grow in your business. Additionally, leasing is more flexible when you do not have a huge cash source. For those who wish to make purchases and own equipment, we also provide Truck Loans Calgary and Trailer loans & Financing Calgary.

Call us today and let us get a fantastic lease or finance deal for you.

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